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Microsoft Excel 2007 is the newest version of Microsoft Office's worksheet (spreadsheet) program. Technically a worksheet is a single document inside a workbook but we often use the terms worksheet, spreadsheet and workbook interchangeably. Worksheets contain numerical information presented in tabular row and column format with text that labels the data. They can also contain graphics and charts. Like Microsoft Word 2007, Excel 2007 takes advantage of a new, results-oriented user interface to make powerful productivity tools easily accessible. If you're worried about capacity, Excel 2007 now accommodates 1 million rows and 16,000 columns.

Why Use Microsoft Excel 2007?

With Excel 2007 you can analyse, manage and share information quickly and easily to make more informed decisions. With the new user interface, rich data visualization, and PivotTable views, professional-looking charts are easier to create and use than ever before. The introduction of a new technology called Excel Sercices (ships with Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007), brings with it significant improvements to data sharing and security. By sharing a spreadsheet using Office Excel 2007 and Excel Services, you can navigate, sort, filter, input parameters, and interact with PivotTable views directly on the Web browser.