Microsoft Excel 2007 - Excel Spreadsheets

What's The Difference Between A Workbook And A Worksheets?

In a nutshell, the workbook is your Excel file and it comprises one or more worksheets.

A spreadsheet is just another word for a worksheet. Confused? Read on.

Workbooks. Worksheets. Spreadsheets. What?

Excel 2007 is a spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft. But what is a spreadsheet? Let's take things step by step. A cell in Excel is simply an individual container for data (like a box or pigeonhole). An array of cells is called a sheet or worksheet. Technically, a worksheet is a single document inside a workbook, but the terms workbook, worksheet and spreadsheet are often used interchangeably. A spreadsheet or worksheet holds information presented in tabular row and column format, whereas a workbook is a Microsoft Office document that contains one or more worksheets.

Each new workbook created in Excel has 3 worksheets by default and you can make each of them active by clicking on its tab at the bottom left.

Tabs Representing Each Worksheet In A Workbook

If you want to rename a worksheet to make it more meaningful you can right click on the tab > Rename. Or you can simply double click on the tab and start typing the new name for it.

Rows And Columns

The horizontal lines of cells are called rows and the vertical lines of cells are called columns (much the same as in Microsoft Word). Each row is numbered down the left hand side and to identify the columns there are letters running along the top. Each cell is referenced by intersection of a row and a column so cell K9 is the cell at the intersection of column K with row 9.